Most of my childhood I spent in my hometown, Kisvárda. My dolls wore my first laced and fleety, light blue silk designs. Later in primary school I prepared my own Snow Queen costume for Carnival which was a crinoline dress made of white crepe.

I worked and learned for years in the Fashion Boutique in Kisvárda, later I moved to Budapest and collected more knowledge on the craft - working for a recognized company as a designer - editor - modeller.
In 1990 I moved to Debrecen and taught the craft in Debrecen's Technical College of Light Industry. In 1996 me and my husband started a different kind of business, where computer studies were essetnial, so I took part in a re-training. I graduated as an Engineering Manager, henceforward I designed a lot of dresses especially fo myself.
I also developped my designer-editor qualification and graduated in the Fashion School of Debrecen as a Fashion Designer. In the meanwhile I succeeded in several fashion - shows. In 2004 on the fashion show competition called Gracial Gloss I was rewarded by the surcharge of Rokolya Foundation. In 2006 on the examination fashion show I was rewarded by Trend Foundation.

In my childhood I was impressed by the softness of the velvet and muslin, the touch of the silk, frills, the harmony of the colours, the beauty of the lace and the creative joy when creating a new unique and special dress.

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